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This product, made from high-quality, cold-rolled steel, complies with 19" installation standards. It is also suitable for the placement of equipment without 19" standard mounting holes.

Shelf works with AV cabinets with 18.5in mounting width between side mount rails. 

Fits in 600mm deep AV Cabinets with mounting rails 18.5" wide for the side mount shelves. 


High-quality, cold-rolled steel panel, 1.2mm thick, black
Surface Finish
Electrostatic powder coating


Installation Methods & Position

Level of shelf can be adjusted; fixed using square nuts



Can be used to place standard 19" equipment

Color Black
Material Cold-rolled steel
Paint/Finish Powder coating
Shelf Type Side mount
Shelf depth 13.75in
Mounting width 18.5in
Max Mounting rail depth 13in

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